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Aqua Culture's Test Lab is an excellent tool to teach hydroponic gardening in a classroom situation. This side by side garden and light setup is an ideal way to demonstrate the effects that light, nutrients and pH levels have on plant growth. Easy to assembly and maintain.

Our Test Lab is simple to run and requires almost no maintenance. Run several experiments with this single unit, such as the effects of pH, Light, Nutrients, Hybrid plant types, drought, temperature, and endless others. This is the perfect opportunity to give your students the hands on experience that they need!


Test Lab Includes

  1. Two Mini-Net Harvest - NFT systems.
  2. Two High Pressure Sodium HID light systems.
  3. Garden and light stands. .........................
    (7' wide x 6' tall x 2' 6" deep)
  4. Hydroponic Nutrients to make 1000 Gallons.
  5. 4 Timers.
  6. 1 pH Test Kit.
  7. 1 Qu. Ft. grow rock.

Optional Equipment

  1. Reverse Osmosis System.
  2. Total Dissolved Salts Meter (TDS).
  3. Electronic pH Meter.
  4. pH up and down.
  5. Water Hook-up Kit




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