Designed and manufactured in Arizona for the heat of the hottest summer days and the coldest of winter nights. We are the sole source for greenhouses that include all the features for very efficient, long-lasting greenhouses.

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Patio Garden and Net Harvest 2' Garden

Patio Garden and Net Harvest 2' Garden

Patio Garden and Net Harvest 2' Garden

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Freedom Garden Unit I and Freedom Garden Extension

8' x 8' Greenhouse

Net Harvest 2' and Freedom Garden Unit I

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Net Harvest 4' and Net Harvest 2'

Net Harvest 6' Wall Unit

Net Harvest 6'

Above photos are possible garden layouts in our 8' x 8' greenhouse.

FRAME DESIGN: Aqua Culture’s greenhouses use 1/8" walled 1"x 1" and 1"x 2" maintenance free aluminum tubing, creating the strongest frame. Double walled 8mm polycarbonate siding is attached to the frame with self tapping stainless steel screws. The double wall polycarbonate is insulted for extreme heat or cold and has a 10 year warranty.

DOOR: The door has a three point closure feature for the most efficient air seal. A rubber gasket encases the door, acting as the hinge (no metal hinges to rust) and farther helps to reduce any temperature loss.

NORTH WALL: We use a 1" thick, white styrofoam wall with a fiberglass skin for unsurpassed insulation, excellent sun reflection and easy cleaning. Wall gardens can be mounted to this wall for additional growing space. No other greenhouse offers this unique feature.

CONTROLS: Aqua Culture’s greenhouses come with a four sided, down draft swamp cooler. The control panel houses a thermostat, humidistat and a high/low speed control to be utilized with or without the pump on the cooler, After setting the cooler, the thermostat will control the cooling and the humidistat will control the water pump. It is important to remember that in the winter the cooler vents may still need to run.

AIR FLOW: Cool air is brought in at the floor and the heat is exhausted at the top of the greenhouse through a vent. This feature keeps the air flowing, elevating any dead air. This is a very important feature to reduce any air born diseases. The exhaust vent is painted yellow. This is done to attract insects to the vent, to be sucked out in the air flow. This is a feature you won’t find on any other greenhouse.

SIZES:     8' X 8' .............$2,895.00

                  8' X 12' ...........$3,595.00

                  8' X 16' ...........$4,295.00

                  8' X 20' ...........$4,995.00







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