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The Star Trak with the built Growth Controller is the best light mover on the market! With more control options, this mover is smarter than any other light mover.
Fast for foliage, Slow for bloom.
Star Trak Features Benefits Compare To Other Tracks
Variable Speed Control w/
1 to 10 RPM Motor
Travel from 3 to 20 minutes down a 6' track. Faster speed for foliage, slower for bloom development.
Pre-set speed.
12 volt DC power supply
Detachable. Will run in any country without losing RPMs
120 volt power only.
Adjustable end stop w/
End Pause Control Dial
Set the end pause for 0 to 45 seconds. This will maintain an even plant canopy.
Feature is not offered. Can purchase a pre-set (30 second) delay.
Variable traction w/
Three Position Traction
Attach the light in one of three positions, based on weight, for ideal traction.
One traction.
Two or Four Hang Chains
To balance horizontal reflectors.
Purchase a light stabilizer.
70 Durometer Drive Wheel
Durable, long lasting rubber.
Rubber "O" ring needs replacing, often enough to  include a replacement.
Variable distance w/
Adjustable End Stops
Use any or all the track.
Adjustable by 1'.
Aluminum Track
Buy tracks by the case. Some use steel that will rust.
Nylon Bearings
Steel ball bearings subject to rust.
Runs two lights with one motor. Covers up to 18' length.
Not available.
Shipped in
 UPS Crush Proof Tubes.
Packed complete. Ready to reship to mail order customers.
Pack and repack.
Hangs only 2 inches from
Gives more space for taller plant growth.
Shorten growth space by 4 -7 inches.

  • Chain driven mover
  • Durable components
  • 30 sec pause delay at each end
  • Available in 6 ft or 4 ft length
  • An extender is available to run two lights with one motor.

The Solar Shuttle is the original light mover on the market. We have a patented sprocket end pause (30 seconds) and a steel ball bearing drive shaft for long life. There are copies out there, like Hydrofarm's light track, but this is the best chain drive light mover.

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